€200.000 invested in 10 days

A big welcome and congratulations to all new shareholders! :D

It was an amazing week. Much faster than expected our crowdfunding campaign sold out completely today. Symbid told us it was the fastest selling software proposition to date in the Netherlands!

Things moved so quickly our marketing timeline has been severely disrupted :D So no press release today, no analysis of the funding, no e-mail campaign. Just a big thank you to all investors for putting your trust and money in GoalGorilla. You will be getting a private link for a personal surprise ‘thank you’ this evening.

Funding Friday Success! #2 from GoalGorilla on Vimeo.

To be continued...

Again a great welcome to all new shareholders. We are looking forward to working with you in the board of the cooperation and keeping you informed on our progress in 2016 and beyond!

You can adress any questions to invest@goalgorilla.com. Taco or Mieszko will get back to you as soon as possible.


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