What GoalGorilla does for the Drupal community

We like to share our love for Drupal and it's community by giving back contributing modules, features and themes. We foster the community by giving presentations, organizing Drupal events and sponsoring various activities.


Drupal Association Organization Member GoalGorilla is an Organization Member of the Drupal Association. We’re supporting the Drupal.org infrastructure and other large community initiatives.


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Some of our contributions...


This module provides an advanced and flexible way for developers to validate forms, entities and fields. Using a simple system of hooks and user defined constraints everything in Drupal can be validated. It was created to overcome the vast number of form alters and custom validation functions. It helps create a clear structure for defining your custom validation. It also helps re-using constraints across multiple forms and/or entities.

See the project on Drupal.org

Search Krumo

This is a developer module. Search Krumo extends the famous Devel module. It makes it possible to search through the developer information that Devel provides on a Drupal site. You can also easily copy the paths of an array. Great module for lazy programmers!

Search Krumo is available on drupal.org and is already downloaded more than 6500 times.

See the project on Drupal.org

Moneybird Commerce

MoneyBird is the largest online invoicing service in the Netherlands. More than 50.000 users are active on Moneybird and Moneybird already processed more than 2 million invoices.

This is a module that integrates MoneyBird into Drupal Commerce, which means MoneyBird can handle the invoicing and payment (iDEAL, PayPal) of your Commerce shop. We also created a module for Ubercart.

See the project on Drupal.org

Protect Admin

Module which should be enabled on every production site and functionality which probably should exist in Drupal core. This module protect user 1 from being altered or blocked by other users with the "administer users" permission.

Installation is pretty easy, just enable and configure the module.

Development version available here


View all our contributions on Bitbucket


Drupal events & activities


The DrupalJam is the event for Drupal developers, users and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With an estimated 350 visitors, the DrupalJam (biggest Drupal events in the Benelux)  has been a great success!

GoalGorilla was present as a sponsor and co-organisator in 2013 and 2014, provided volunteers and of course visitors.

visit DrupalJam website


Dinner with Drupal

This is a Drupal user group meeting in Enschede, where you can meet with other Drupalistas in an informal setting. No dress code, no target audience, no sponsor booths. Just you, me and a drink.
Want to get started with Drupal? You did get started, but you feel like a total newbie? You're a guru (or at least you think you are) and you want to help others get started? You wear a suit and need to delegate Drupal work? Sign up for a Dinner with Drupal and meet more awesome people like yourself.
Just to make things clear: Dinner with Drupal is for everyone. You don't have to present or have to do business. Learn and have fun.

visit Dinner with Drupal website

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Our Drupal loving Gorilla's


Jaap Jan Koster

Drupal architect 


Bram ten Hove

Medior web developer

  • Maintainer Validator

  • Maintainer Search Krumo
  • Maintainer Moneybird Commerce
  • Speaker Dinner with Drupal
  • Volunteer DrupalJam 2013
  • Profile on Drupal.org


Jochem van Nieuwenhuijsen

Medior web developer


Stefano Tabarelli

Medior web developer


Taco Potze

Development Director


Ronald te Brake

Medior web developer


Roy Harink

Junior web developer


Maikel Koopman

Front-end developer


Robert Ragas

Junior web developer


Mieszko Czyzyk

Founding partner

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