GoalGorilla is Celebrating 10 Years!

It's our 10 year anniversary and that needs to be celebrated.

We had our first party on King's Night in The Netherlands. Then we flew as a team to Bucharest. And the celebration doesn't stop there. An anniversary this special deserves to be celebrated multiple times!

GoalGorilla is 10 Years Old ÔłŹūüéČÔłŹūüéČÔłŹ

GoalGorilla officially turned 10 years old on Sunday 29th of April. This called for a celebration! We have already paid tribute to our impressive milestone with our partners during King's Night. And we didn't stop there! Last weekend we enjoyed an exciting 'retreat' to Romania with the entire team. Still to come is our reunion on Friday, June 1st. We look forward to coming together with all the current and former colleagues, interns, and graduates. Finally, we will conclude the festivities with a customer and business partner day at the end of the summer.


10 years of GoalGorilla! Taco, our CEO and co-founder, looks back on the development of GoalGorilla during the past years. "In the hustle and bustle of everyday life you may not notice it, but a company is really a living thing: it grows and blooms, and sometimes it falls and changes shape. GoalGorilla is no different. We have been doing various projects with different people for years. Colleagues that have been with us for a long time are now doing very different things than they used to do. A lot has changed in our private lives as well, which also impacts how GoalGorilla evolves." 

"We started out as an online marketing agency, which slowly included a lot of strategic work. And soon thereafter we began to build websites in all kinds of systems. After a few years, we chose to dedicate ourselves to the Drupal CMS and market ourselves as a full-service Drupal agency, including design, support, and hosting. Our latest step was Open Social, of course, with a specialization in social communities, intranets, and a SaaS product that can quickly launch a social platform." 

Taco Potze

On behalf of GoalGorilla, I want to thank all the customers that have trusted us with their projects in the past 10 years. I look forward to the future, where we will make the internet even better together!

Taco Potze, co-founder of GoalGorilla and Open Social

"Fortunately, our drive to make the Internet a better place is something that has never changed; for users to better understand our websites and applications, and to provide them with the tools to reach their goals. In order for us to do well, we need be constantly learning and growing. We always say that we want to look back at every year and be able to say: Wow, we have really learned a lot!"

Celebrating GoalGorilla with the Partners!

On King's Night, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary¬†together with our partners. It was very successful! A grill master ensured that we could enjoy our shared passion: barbecuing ūüćĖūüćĒ Fortunately, the weather was on our side! We enjoyed the delicious barbeque and beer on our roof-top terrace, with the festivities of the Oude Markt in the background. Halfway through the evening, it was time for a fantastic game of 30 seconds, with a GoalGorilla twist. Organizers Alexander and Bas¬†created the game with typical GoalGorilla terms, statements, people, customers, and projects. Well done, boys! The evening continued well into¬†the late hours. Long live King Gorilla ūüėČ!

10 jaar GoalGorilla

Company Retreat to Romania

We don't only want to celebrate the past 10 years, but also prepare for the next 10 years. That's why we flew to Romania for the weekend with the whole team. It began with a tour of the lovely city of Bucharest, where old churches stood side-by-side with modern buildings. It charmed us from the beginning! On Saturday, we evaluated where we stood as a company. This isn't always easy! Growing can be a painful process. But it's also rewarding! Together with Ioana, the 'Crypto Queen' of Romania, we dived into the blockchain world. Our workshop included learning more about how to launch an ICO and evaluating our own ideas that would combine blockchain with online communities. Curious? More information will come soon! In the end, we had some laughs and drinks and bonded as a team. We're looking forward to the next 10 years together! 

Here's to Another 10 Years of GoalGorilla!

Mieszko is really looking forward to the upcoming years of GoalGorilla NV; "One of our strengths is that we're flexible and constantly looking for new opportunities. Not only in the technology we use, but also which services we provide, our revenue models and the way we work. The potential downside of flexibility is that you don't specialize in anything. This makes it more difficult to excel as a smaller organization in the long term. 'Focus' was one of the reasons why we chose to not only develop software for clients, but also start our own open source project." 

"Since we began Open Social two years ago, the project has grown with more than a thousand active installations worldwide. We write a lot about Open Social in expert blog posts. Recently, we have also been able to promote our work in the media and how we plan to incorporate Web 3.0 and the future of decentralized communities. This is where we see our software going."

Mieszko Czyzyk

The people are the most important part of GoalGorilla ... I particularly love how we both manage to do serious business together and still be open and friendly with each other. Thanks, everyone for that!

Mieszko Czyzyk, co-founder of GoalGorilla and Open Social

"The people are the most important part of GoalGorilla. This includes first and foremost our colleagues and customers, but also the business partners that have gotten to know well over the years. This group has become very diverse over the years. I particularly love how we both manage to do serious business together and still be open and friendly with each other. Thanks, everyone for that!" 

Even our former colleagues celebrate with us!

Just as Taco and Mieszko said, we could not have become as big and successful without our old colleagues, interns,¬†and graduates. That's why we will also celebrate our 10th anniversary with them! On Friday, June 1st, we will organize a reunion for all current and former employees of GoalGorilla. We are very excited to¬†toast to 10 years GoalGorilla with them as well ūüéČÔłŹ!

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