Drupal Dev Days Milan '16

GoalGorilla visits Drupal Dev Days Milan 2016

Join our Open Social sprint during Drupal Dev Days, or visit the prestation of Niels about The Future of DevOps in Open Social on the 23th of June.

Drupal Dev Days Milan 2016

Drupal Dev Days are an annual conference where Drupal developers meet to discuss and present topics technically relevant to the Drupal community. Also, the event hosts 'sprints', intensive coding sessions devoted to squashing bugs, upgrading modules, start and/or complete development tasks. GoalGorilla will be present during this conference in Milan with the 'Open Social team'. Drupal Dev Days are in Milan from June 21st to June 26th. We are there for two reasons: we will host a sprint and our developer Niels will give a presentation.

Why are we present at Drupal Dev Days?

We hope to meet a lot of fellow Drupal developers who are also excited about Drupal 8. In the event sprints we will help with the contributed module ‘Group’ as well. But GoalGorilla will also host an ‘Open Social’ sprint where we welcome other developers to contribute to the distribution.

What is Open Social? We are creating a social community, named Open Social. It's empowers people to effectively collaborate and organize their events and tasks. It replaces traditional intranets, and it stimulates bottom-up organizational innovation. This community is based on Greenpeace Greenwire, the award winning social community we've made.

During Drupel Dev Days the team will release the alpha version of the Open Social distribution (exciting!!!). In the 6-day sprint, we plan to work on some new features like:

  • Explore functionality
  • Basic Page content type
  • E-mail notifications for posts on my profile
  • Activity stream aggregation of multiple similar activities
  • Translations
  • Implementation of BigPipe
  • Small enhancements and bug fixes

Read more about these features here. Or try our Open Social prototype.

We are very excited to get feedback from, and discuss with other experienced Drupal developers as well. If you are also interested to contribute to Open Social, feel free to sign yourself up here. We welcome developers of all levels and expertises!

>> Join our Open Social sprint. Sign up here

Drupal Dev Days Milan

The Future of DevOps in Open Social

Besides the Open Social spint at Drupal Dev Days, our developer Niels van der Molen will give an introduction in the DevOps practices and tools applied for the Open Social distribution. A transition case study has a central place in his talk. The case study is about the transition from a monolithic Vagrant / Jenkins workflow to a microservice Travis / Docker workflow from a developer perspective. Watch the sneak preview below (a part of Niels' prestation at DrupalJam 2016)..

>> Join Niels' presentation in the Donatello room (14:30-15:30) on the 23th of June. Check here for more info.

Presentatie Niels van der Molen
Click for a sneak preview of the presentation


VP of Product
Jaap Jan Koster

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