Drupal Social becomes Open Social

Rebranding our software

As of today the social business software we announced back in 2015, funded through crowdfunding, and been working on for the last 6 months will be known as 'Open Social'.

“Why did we change the name?”, you might wonder. We have have multiple reasons, which we explain in detail below.

Our software is all about being ‘open’

We did research into our stakeholders; customers, the Drupal community and the team building the software, amongst others. Our research shows that we strongly believe this project will be noteworthy because of the ‘open’ characteristics of the software platform and being ‘open-source’ especially. Certainly, Drupal is very important as well...
But ‘Drupal’ is not the first thing people think of when talking about the product.


Open Social - Stakeholder Survey


Our software is all about people 

In our pitch we said “Our software empowers people to effectively collaborate and organize. Replacing traditional intranets, it fuels efficiency and bottom-up organizational innovation.” This is pretty well said :) We should focus on what our software allows people to accomplish. It is about personal, and organizational growth and interconnectedness.

Licensing of the ‘Drupal’ name

The Drupal name is trademarked. While we believe that much of our work will directly contribute to the Drupal community, some of the value will go to supporting organizations like GoalGorilla. To avoid confusion, potential licensing requests and/or disagreements in the future we decided not to include ‘Drupal’ in the product name.

We present to you: ‘Open Social’

In developing our brand we explored a multitude of logo, font and imaging combinations. In the end we focused on the core brand values of ‘openness’, ‘growth’ and ‘people’. We developed a much more friendly brand that captures the enthusiasm of successful collaboration in it’s logo, colors and imaging. 

The logo is an organic flower-like shape, which looks simple but on closer inspection has multiple levels of symmetry. Parts of it are open, parts of it are closed. To accompany it we have a rounded font, some extra space between the letters gives it an open look-and-feel. 


Open Social - Logo and Font


We use purple because of its boldness, an expression of ambition and our obsession with quality. We use orange to represent activity and enthusiasm. Purple is a complimantary color to orange. When these colors merge we get a friendly, deep pink; we call this color 'open rose'.


Open Social - Colors

We went to great lengths to find imaging that communicates our message well. We didn't want to settle for nature photography, people on laptops or flowers. Instead we choose 'urban parks'. For us these places are the ultimate 'open' spaces that, in modern times, bring people together. 

We think of our software as technology that enables people to grow and get the best out of their relationships with co-workers or fellow volunteers. Therefore we say that Open Social 'makes your people bloom' as a metaphor for growing flowers in a field or park.


Open Social - Imaging


We hope you like it as much as we do :) From now on we will be adjusting our branding on drupal.org and on Twitter.com. Next week you will be able to reach us on GetOpenSocial.com as well.

Here you can find the whole Open Social brand presentation:


Open Social



Mieszko Czyzyk

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