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Inspired by the award-winning Greenpeace Greenwire case we have been standardizing our community software since the end of 2015. The goal is to make the software available to a much larger number of organizations. 

The OpenSocial ™ software is progressing according to our schedule and roadmap. Deadlines at international events in the open source community compel us to deliver on time and within budget. Just as our customers have come to expect from GoalGorilla :)

First version available from June 24

The first version was made ​​available on June 24 during the Drupal Dev Days. You can download at and, with some programming skills, start using it today. It has been very well recieved Every week we receive requests from developers who want to contribute and use it for their own project, and organizations are already applying for the software.

The next two months we are solving errors (called 'bugs') and adding features. We work towards a stable release late September. From that moment we deliver a turn-key solution (SaaS version) that can be purchased, installed and put to use without any programming knowledge!

Milestones OpenSocial

  • June 24: alpha product launch at
  • July 6: a global volunteer organization based in San Francisco, USA, is the first customer for the Enterprise edition 
  • July 7: Oscar Kneppers, Founder of Rockstart and serial entrepreneur, joins as mentor
  • July 13: Successful first cloud installation
  • July: negotiations start with a second enterprise customer, with more than 50,000 active users
  • end Sept: beta launch
  • end Sept: starting beta for SaaS customers
  • September 26: Beta SaaS subscription at Drupalcon Dublin

Spotlight: Drupalcon Dublin

Drupalcons are the most important, global meetings of the Drupal community. We are silver sponsor of the Drupalcon Dublin. You can find our team in several places:

Open Social demo

We can launch Open Social tuned to your corporate styling very quickly. Check out the Open Social website to learn what you can expect from our software. Interested in the benefits of an online community for your organization? We are happy to give you a demo. During working hours (CET) you can reach us on the live webchat or call us at  +31 20 820 0046. You can always reach us by

Mieszko Czyzyk

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