BEN® by T-Mobile Case

Drupal and SugarCRM powered e-commerce serves thousands of customers daily.

The 'BEN® performance case' was nominated for the  Splash Awards 2016 in the category E-commerce.

About Ben®

Ben® is a Dutch Telecom service provider operated by T-Mobile NL. and the customer back-end have more than 500.000 unique users each month making it one of the biggest Drupal powered websites in the Netherlands. Ben expressly targets a budget minded group of users with its trendy, minimalistic advertising using word-play with its name. "Ben" is a common first name in the Netherlands and also, in Dutch, roughly translates into "I am". Examples of this are the slogans "Ik ben Ben" (I am Ben) and "Ben Bereikbaar" (I'm available/reachable).


In 2015 BrixCRM, a leading CRM consultancy from the Netherlands and main contractor for this project, asked GoalGorilla to assist in deployment and further development of the e-commerce Drupal installation running 

This wasn’t just a standard Drupal e-commerce site... Two different portals needed to be redesigned for customers and dealers (for contract insights, specifying orders and prices etc.). Second, multiple systems to exchange outcoming data (e.g. SugarCRM and OCS) were involved. Third, lots of business rules (e.g. limited rights for different customer types) had to be written. Fourth, privacy requirements needed to be met. And so on, and so on. With so many dependencies excellent project management was vital for success.

The 'BEN® performance case' was nominated for the Drupal Splash Awards 2016 (Netherlands) in the category E-commerce.

Project goals

Two goals were most important at the start of the project:

  • To improve technical performance of the Drupal e-commerce site.
  • To increase customer satisfaction.

Later the project evolved to include much broader business goals in terms of sales, design innovations and the coordinating of deployment and development teams.

Customer talks about working together

“Working together with GoalGorilla is truly a pleasurable experience. The high-skilled, flexible and cooperative attitude of the individual Gorilla’s, has a positive effect on our results as a team. It’s an example of a good performing partnership.

We can be proud on multiple events. Assisting with line-up configuration, making a new Blog, refining new and complex business solutions, building new functionality in Drupal, and many more. The Agile way of working is set to a flexible approach, which has a positive result on Ben as a company.” - Bart Schaap, Scrum Master at Ben


Mockup van BEN e-commerce design.

Above you see a mock-up of the product checkout. A very important part of any e-commerce website, it went through multiple iterations, performance and usability tests.

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