Search strategy (SEO & AdWords) Debiteurenbeurs

More than € 1 million of outstanding invoices funded

Winner Dutch Search Award in the category 'Best usage of Search in Finance'. Read more about this marketing case!

€1+ million of outstanding invoices funded in 1 year

Debiteurenbeurs is the first Dutch online platform that offers companies the opportunity to quickly attract financing for claims filed against their large customers. Debiteurenbeurs was relatively new in the Fintech market. Therefore, we developed a successful search marketing strategy that consisted of a combination of SEO (search engine optimization) and AdWords. This strategy was awarded the Dutch Search Award 2017.


  • Ensuring that Debiteurenbeurs becomes a well known alternative financier within a year
  • Generating X leads per month (we don’t mention the exact number here, since it concerns confidential information)

The strategy

The target group of Debiteurenbeurs is quite specific and it isn't easy to trace back to keywords. Therefore, we decided to place Debiteurenbeurs as a reliable financial partner early on in the customer journey. We do this by sharing expertise. Trust is very important in this market. By sharing expertise, potential customers are provided with valuable information early in their customer journey. This is to ensure that they think of Debiteurenbeurs later in the customer journey (when they actually need the service). Being present early in the customer journey is important for Debiteurenbeurs. The competition is strong in the Fintech market, especially by the factoring companies. Although they clearly work differently from Debiteurenbeurs, they are emphatically present in the market.

The project

We use both SEO and AdWords as a strategy. We use SEO to build trust and become visible among entrepreneurs early in the customer journey. We use AdWords to generate business from keywords that connect with customers that have a direct need for the Debiteurenbeurs service. Some details per technique:

Trust and visibility with a knowledge base and Online PR

Debiteurenbeurs shares much of its expertise on its website. We have developed a knowledge base to share this expertise and are continuously expanding it. We explain subjects strongly related to Debiteurenbeurs in well-optimized articles. When entrepreneurs ask questions or have lack clarity regarding (outstanding, unpaid) invoices, financing possibilities, and their financial health, they must end up at We also look at the financial issues that exist among entrepreneurs who may lead to unpaid invoices. And we help these entrepreneurs with valuable, informative content. We use the award-winning Skyscraper Techniek (text in Dutch) to construct these articles and helps strengthen domain authority.

SEO results

  • Exponential growth in findability: the number of high rankings in Google increases weekly
  • More than 60 unique links from relevant, strong websites provide a stronger domain
SEO resultaten Debiteurenbeurs
Exponential growth in rankings (left) and Domain Authority score +11 (right)

Getting leads for a lower price in this competitive market

In addition to sharing expertise, Debiteurenbeurs also needs to generate business. We use AdWords Search for that. We deliberately only focus on keywords that seem to have a direct need for Debiteurenbeurs' service. These keywords are clearly used later in the customer journey. We use AdWords in a very focused manner because the click prices in the Fintech market are generally high. By testing with good ad texts and keywords, we find out what the target group is looking for and what the target group is triggered by. In that way, we can get good leads for a relatively low price.

AdWords results

  • Exponential growth in number of leads per month: almost 80% of all leads are generated from AdWords
AdWords resultaten Debiteurenbeurs
The number of leads increases every month
(because it concerns confidential information, we don’t mention the exact number here)


The client about the project

Bernd Vinke

"GoalGorilla has achieved great results for our company due to their clear strategy. Which means we have reached the limit of more than € 1 million of funded outstanding invoices. It isn't easy to position yourself as a start-up in our competitive market. Almost all players have a much larger budget than we have. However, thanks to the innovative and content-oriented approach from GoalGorilla, we have managed to make a difference."

- Bernd Vinke, owner Debiteurenbeurs, of GoalGorilla


Winner Dutch Search Awards 2017

We are very proud of winning the Dutch Search Awards in the category 'Best usage of Search in Finance' 🏆. On Thursday 23rd November 2017, this great award was presented to GoalGorilla. We left the strong cases of the competitors CZdirect, Ditzo, and Evi van Lanschot behind us ️🏆 Nice appreciation for us as Search Marketing agency!


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