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Social advertising throughout Customer Journey

Read here about the success case of Keeping Time Registration Tool. For this new tool we used social advertising on the channels Facebook and Instagram.

Increase visibility with social advertising

Keeping track of your hours is no longer a problem with Keeping. Thanks to the Keeping mobile app, you can document your hours easily, quickly and per project / task. When we started with online marketing, Keeping was a new, unknown tool in the time tracking market. That’s why our main goal was to increase brand awareness for Keeping in an affordable way by using social advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We also wanted to reach our goal for minimum amount of account registrations (see below).


  • Create brand awareness and increase involvement from right target group
  • Generate a minimum of 300 account registrations within six months (not only through the use of social accounts)
Belangrijkste conversie Keeping
Most important conversion option: account registrations

The strategy

Keeping is a new tool and it is still in beta. A minimum of 300 new users are required to test the tool properly and get enough feedback for the upcoming versions. Keeping has the potential to be a new, hip, and easy to use time tracking tool because it understands what problems and challenges companies face that need to track work hours.

To achieve these goals, we have chosen SEO and AdWords to target the young audience of Keeping via Facebook and Instagram. We decided not to advertise on Twitter and LinkedIn because our research showed that these channels would not yield enough results. The audience we would reach would be too small to generate sufficient traffic with the estimated CTRs, and thus account registrations. Also, the CPC on LinkedIn was almost twice as high compared to the other channels.

Keeping's target group are businesses (normally their difficult target group to reach via social), and consists of freelancers and young ambitious entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 in charge of a number of employees.

The project

Social advertising is used in two different ways to reach a large part of the target audience in an affordable way; content promotions and social ads. We can reach the target audience during the entire customer journey with these methods. Below you can find a short explanation of the two methods. 

Content promotions

Our content promotions consist of articles that inform the target group about possible problems, challenges, and solutions related to registering hours. Therewith, we focus on users that are in the early stages of the customer journey (in the awareness and familiarity phases). We retrieve the information required for this process through feedback from users and an extensive, broad keyword research. The goal of this content is to present Keeping as an expert in its market. As a result, the target group sees Keeping as a company that understands the user and their needs. Content promotions are used to generate brand awareness and increase involvement.


We posted the content on the channels and promoted the content. We used a promotion targeting that fit the target group of Keeping. This resulted in the following average results per content promotion:

  • Reach: 7.000 people
  • Involvement: 500 interactions (including 200 link clicks)
  • Budget: max. € 150,-
  • CPC: € 0,86 per link click
  • Account registrations: 43 new users

Although our goal was not to directly generate new user registrations (the target group early in the customer journey don’t have a direct conversion goal yet), it was a result of content promotion. Hence, people were convinced to use Keeping.

Example content promotion

Voorbeelden content promoties
Example of a content promotion on Facebook

Social ads

The social ads are constructed using images that stand out (by choosing a certain type of image, layout, and color) and stimulate the target group (by text) to use Keeping as a time tracking tool. Socials ads were used to generate account registrations. This means we focus on the users in the last two phases of the customer journey: consideration and purchase. Every two weeks we update the social ads based on the insights and results. This means updating the image, the text, and the targeting options.


  • Reach: 10.500 people per ad-ronde
  • Involvement: 175 clicks
  • Budget: max. € 150,-
  • CPC: € 0,96 per click
  • Account registrations: 100 new users

Example social ads

Instagram social ad
Example of a social ad on Instagram

New users goal achieved by 178%

Thanks to our social approach, we reached the B2B target group of Keeping throughout the entire customer journey. We informed entrepreneurs early on the customer journey about their (future) problems and challenges. And we convinced entrepreneurs (who are consciously looking for a solution) to use Keeping.

Our social media activities generated 143 new account registrations (= users). That's 50% of the target market! But because we also used other online channels, more than 500 extra account registrations were obtained. We achieved the new users goal by 178%. And more importantly, the number of active users has also increased every month. These users are very valuable for Keeping.

Positieve ontwikkeling nieuwe gebruikers Keeping
The number of new users and the number of active users are increasing every month


We also reached almost 80% of the targeted audience on Facebook and Instagram. The most striking result was that Instagram generated over 100 account registrations. We discovered that entrepreneurs use Instagram a lot during private time. We managed to not only reach them but also to convince them to use Keeping.

The client about the project

Thijs Scheepers, owner Keeping, about GoalGorilla and the project:

"The cooperation with GoalGorilla was great, but also intense. Together we implemented a clear strategy. We wrote content drafts, which were edited by GoalGorilla, so that the content fits perfectly with our plan and goal. In the end, Keeping is very interested in daily active users, and this number is increasing every day thanks to the collaboration with GoalGorilla!"


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