Moneybird 2.0 Case

From 0 to 100.000+ customers with this TheNextWeb nominee.

A collaboration on marketing, design and conversion fueled the growth to more than hundred thousand customers for the Dutch online administration market leader Moneybird.

We are proud of each customer which we can bring to the next level. When our customer wins prizes we are even prouder. Because this means our work is relevant, has impact and brings results. On our website we showcase five award winning collaborations.

About Moneybird

Moneybird offers entrepreneurs an online accounting tool that makes managing their finances fun and easy. You send your quotes and invoices digitally, same as your receipts. VAT returns and income statements are made automatically. 

Over a period of seven years more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers signed up to the online software. Moneybird is a TheNextWeb nominee, a Deloitte Rising Star and Deloitte Fast 50 company, and in 2015 they won the prestigious Van den Kroonenberg Prize from Twente University.

Van den Kroonenberg Prize Moneybird from Twente University.

About the project

In the early years Moneybird was a bootstrapped startup with limited budgets for marketing. The challenge was to develop a marketing strategy that is profitable and sustainable from day one. And it worked! A combination of Google AdWords, organic search engine optimization and conversion driven design ensured that gives every marketing euro spend gave the right returns.

Project goals

  • market leadership in both unpaid and paid results
  • continuous conversion improvement
  • accountability through monthly reports 
  • tactical advice based on analytics data

Customer about the project

"GoalGorilla always works with full energy on our campaigns! Their strongest point is that they always keep the strategic end goals for our organization in mind. "
 Joost Diepenmaat - Co-founder Moneybird


  • dozens of new customers every day
  • conversion rate increase of 200-300%
  • sustainable marketing strategy


Money Bird screenshot of prices and the freemium model

A 'freemium' business model provides unprecedented high conversion rates of visitors to customers.


GoalGorilla has been collaborating with Moneybird for years on marketing, design and conversion optimization. Online marketing campaigns such as SEO and AdWords are taking place continuously. Each month the results are reported in detail by specialists. Every two weeks there is a Skype conversation at board level in which the results are discussed, and tactical steps are taken to improve performance.

All decisions are supported by data from analytics. This data-driven way of working compounds to ever increasing results in the long run.

A new look-and-feel for Moneybird

A successful product is not only driven by marketing. Design is important as well. After a few years the design started to feel dated, and didn't represent the essence of the expanding company. We held several brainstorm sessions in which we determined what identity suits the 'new' Moneybird. 

Brainstorm logo Moneybird
We ontwikkelden tijdens een brainstorm diverse logo varianten

We determined important core values that were used in the branding: smart, innovative, reliable, simple but better, open and accessible emerged. These core values are reflected in the logo and colors. 

Het nieuwe logo van Moneybird
Proud of the end result: a branding that reflects the Moneybird's identity.

Read more about the Design collaboration and the redesign of Moneybird in a blog on the client's website (Dutch).

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