Sustainable growth of 30%+ per year since 2009

Design, marketing and conversion lays the groundwork for the success of the online shops of TS24.

We are proud to collaborate with all of our clients. It makes us even more proud when our clients win prizes. On our website we showcase five special award winning collaborations.


TS24 offers a pleasant and wide shopping experience for people that love to work in and around the house. They ensure good quality and provide excellent service before, along and after every purchase. TS24 has grown (and continues growing) from an attic room to an organization with over 4000 different products in stock, 950 m2 warehouse and more than 100.000 touchpoints each month. Externally this performance of growth has been acknowledged by Deloitte. In 2015 TS24 wins a place in the Deloitte Fast 50.

About the project

In a collaboration that enters its tenth year TS24 and GoalGorilla work together to increase reach and sales. Along this process we aim at a target audience consisting out of people that love to work in and around the house. In 2009 we implemented online analytics to measure the revenue per marketing campaign. Since then, data-driven working methods are at the core of our activities with return on investment as primary goal.

Along the years we continued to develop the search engine strategy. These days e-commerce isn't only about the product. That's why TS24 also blogs about best ways to make use of tools in order to create beautiful things.

Project goals

  • Maximize revenue against < 10% advertising cost
  • Strategic and tactical advice about online marketing
  • Rebranding during 2015 including a new brand identity
  • Front-end development to ensure the best experience on all mobile devices

Customer about the project

Ruud Scholten - Eigenaar TS24"Service-oriented, reliable and accurate. Already 7 years our partner concerning marketing strategy."

“For many years GoalGorilla is our partner in managing AdWords, which is optimized each month. They are eager at planning activities and implementing them in a timely manner. We are satisfied about GoalGorilla stimulating to extend thoughts concerning our marketing strategy."

- Ruud Scholten, owner TS24 BV, about GoalGorilla.


  • 30%+ growth each year, since 2009
  • brand identity that fits TS24 core feelings as an organization as well as appeals to their clients
  • responsive design resulting in approximately +25% mobile conversions


TS24 Design Mockup op iPad.


For many years GoalGorilla is contributing to the marketing, design and conversion-optimization activities. Online marketing campaigns like SEO and AdWords are continuously present. Each month our specialists report about the results.

Communication primarily takes place online, in a shared project environment. Tasks are assigned to each other over and over again. Therefore we work together as one team to achieve our goals.
Each quarter the results are being evaluated on managing board level, and future tactical and strategical chances are discussed.

Rebranding TS24 was an intensive process that took over almost three months. The brand identity of TS24 was innovated. GoalGorilla's front-end developers realized a fully working prototype in a so-called online style guide. Back-end developers of TS24 continued implementing this resulting in the beautiful e-commerce shop it is today.

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