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Rebranding and new website

Back to the drawing board and investigate why does the brand exist, "who" is it, and where does it want to go.

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Translation Agency Perfect was founded in 2007 as an agency for German translations. It didn't take long before (potential) clients were asking for translations in other languages as well. That's why they changed into a full-service translation agency. It's vision is being the best and biggest online translation agency of Europe, without losing track of it's core values. ‘Shaking up the language industry and making people happy!’

And so they started growing! In 2014 Translation Agency Perfect was named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Benelux. Deloitte Fast50 rewarded them with a twelfth position. They also became the first translation agency ever in this ranking. This confirmed that Translation Agency Perfect is doing a great job compared to their competitors.

Translation Agency Perfect keeps on innovating. In 2016 they launched Translation Agency Fairlingo, a smart translation service in the cloud.

About the project

While Translation Agency Perfect continued to develop rapidly, they realized it's brand was lacking to reflect the high quality of their services. It became outdated and corporate and visual identity had grown apart. So back to the drawing board and investigate why does the brand exist, "who" is the brand, and where does it want to go. Research outcomes became the blueprint for a new, effective, responsive website.

Project goals

  • Empowering the connection between the company and it's brand - Corporate and visual identity had grown apart
  • High usability - Creating a website that's more clear and easier to use
  • Effective, responsive website - The best user experience on all devices

Customer about the project

“GoalGorilla proved to be the right partner in order to realize our new corporate (visual) identity and responsive website. They strengthened our thoughts about usability and delved into our (potential) clients to achieve optimum results with the new design. Great!"

Sam van Gentevoor
Sam van Gentevoort, director Translation Agency Perfect, about GoalGorilla.


The project consisted out of three parts: Brand design, Interaction design, and Responsive Graphical Design.

1. Brand design

An interactive brainstorm session with Translation Agency Perfect resulted in valuable and sometimes suprising insights. These insights were translated into a powerful brand definition and brand proposition. Core values like trustworthiness, innovativeness and service-oriented formed the basis for design colors and shapes.



The new logo of Translation Agency Perfect reflects the feeling of translating easy ('the (word) cloud' embodies spoken language as well as the "P" of Perfect). With translating becoming more easy, the world becomes smaller for many organizations (visualized by the round shape of the image mark, which also stands for unity of the company).

Translation Agency Perfect logo


We used a personal touch to effectively communicate core values to the target audience. This by visualizing the end-user (the reader) of a specific translation. It shows that Translation Agency Perfect fully understands what their clients are looking for. New design elements are being used online as well as offline (think about offers, invoices and booklets).

2. Interaction design

We gained insights into behavior and objectives of (potential) customers as a result of User Passports. These insights provided a structure to work with when dealing with content and feature requirements of the new website. A prototype was build, so Translation Agency Perfect was able to discover the new layout of content and feature interactions before launch.

The prototype was responsive. Before launch we considered what would be most effective when it comes to positioning of call-to-actions (and more) on any device. This in line with the user journey.


interactie ontwerp


See the prototype of Translation Agency Perfect yourself!

3. Responsive Graphical Design

Design needs to help and persuade the user to achieve its goals (functional) and choose for Translation Agency Perfect (emotional). It was a major challenge to build a clean and stunning responsive design in line with the new corporate visual identity as well as the interaction design.

An important step within this process was creating a look-and-feel. We focused on typography, color, photography and other design elements like shape and style. We chose for a clean design by making use of large photos and large color areas. Responsiveness was important so we tested whether these elements would scale in a way we wanted them to be.


mobile first vertaalbureau perfect


We provided the design assets to Translation Agency Perfect.  They continued with developing the Drupal website inhouse. It was launched on June, 1st 2015. When additional support was needed we helped out.

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