Real-time SEO for Drupal Module (Marketing)

Get higher rankings in Google's search results

Client type:
All type of organizations
4 hours
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Setup for €760,-

Why use 'Real-time SEO for Drupal'?

If you want your content to rank well in search engines, you have to meet many requirements. It's easy to forget some of the best practices and optimizations for every page. The Real-time SEO for Drupal module helps you conduct content optimization that is both user and search engine friendly.

Ben® (blogs), a fanatic 'Real-time SEO' user

Ben® and GoalGorilla have been working together for a long time. Ben® has been an avid and enthusiastic user of our Real-time SEO for Drupal module and has learned how to get the best out of it. Sixty unique Ben® blog posts, written by twenty-seven different bloggers, resulted in over 103,881 unique page views in less than six months.

Jetse de Vries

The module helps us to optimize content better for Google. Thanks to the module, our Ben® Blog achieved more than 100.000 unique page views within six months.

Jetse de Vries, Content Manager at Ben®

The Real-time SEO for Drupal module made a positive impact on their SEO rankings. Research showed that they achieved a greatly improved search engine position after using the module (source: Internal research and analysis on the Ben® blogs).

Just like GoalGorilla, Ben® takes the Customer Journey into account while designing and writing their content. Every customer group has their own customized campaigns, from potential customers in the need identification stage to existing customers in the evaluation stage. The Real-time SEO for Drupal module helps optimize impact during all Customer Journey stages!

What does Real-time SEO for Drupal offer?

The real-time content analysis provides insight into all of the possible common optimizations before the publication of your blog, news item, or article. The live optimization score indicates how well you've scored in the search engines. 'Green scoresindicate that your content is perfectly optimized. More than 10 elements, including page title and keyword density, are evaluated immediately based on your 'focus keyword'.

Three biggest SEO advantages

  1. Get focus keyword suggestions and select the best one
  2. Achieve directly green scores for all optimization chances
  3. View your page before publication and get live feedback

More advantages of the module

  • Everything combined in one simple plug-and-play module
  • Continuous development with new and better features
  • Available for free both for Drupal 7 and 8

“Over 11.500 active users.”


Why should you have GoalGorilla install the module on your Drupal site?

Having the setup carried out by GoalGorilla does not only save time but you are also guaranteed a successful installation, support with additional questions, and the latest features. GoalGorilla is (co-) developer of the module and an experienced marketing agency with many years of experience. Our recent Dutch Interactive Award emphasizes the latter.

Robert Ragas

Our setup will save you 4 hours of your time. Moreover, you are guaranteed of a successful installation as well!

Robert Ragas, Support Developer at GoalGorilla

Setup for € 760 (or $930). You receive:

  • Installation of the module
  • Short walk-through of how it works
  • Additional content optimization tips

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Three unique module features

1. Select your focus keyword 

In content optimization, the focus keyword is central to the search optimization process. This is the main search term that your page will be identified with during the search results. The module provides live keyword suggestions, allowing you to select the best focus keyword.

Keyword suggestions in SEO module

2. Optimize page title and meta description

Page Title and Meta Description are two parts of your page that should convince the search user to click on your search result. Page Title also has a lot of SEO value, especially when you put the focus keyword at front of the sentence.

Snippet preview direct aanpassen

The preview of Google's search snippet means you immediately see how your 'Page Title' and 'Meta Description' will look on the search results page. You instantly see if they are too long since you have limited space. You can immediately make adjustments without going through extra steps or menus.

3. Direct feedback and tips thanks to real-time content analysis

The module analyzes the most important elements of your content in real time. You receive optimization feedback and tips with live scores ranging from green (= excellent) to red (= moderate). These scores encourage you to write better content. Not only for Google, but also for the visitor!

Real time content analyse

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Background Real-time SEO for Drupal

Disclaimer: the module is a fork of the popular SEO WordPress plugin from Yoast. Our Drupal module uses the YoastSEO.js. But the module is not supported or sponsored by Yoast.

Any questions?

We are happy to talk more about the Real-time SEO for Drupal module with you! You can reach us during working hours via the live chat or call Mieszko Czyzyk, co-founder, on +31 53 7113691.

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