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Use the Real-Time SEO module strategically for more SEO results

Client type:
Drupal 7 and 8 websites
Three months
Price range:
One time fee € 1.588,-

SEO Consultancy: Real-Time SEO for Drupal Users 

In order to create content that ranks well in Google, you have to meet various requirements. The odds are quite high that you forget something. That's why we developed a content optimization module for Drupal websites that analyses content for you: the Real-Time SEO module. The free module ensures that you optimize your content according to a chosen keyword. The module has been downloaded almost 80,000 times and it's actively used by thousands every day. But do all these users benefit from the potential meaningful impact of the module on their online business?


Sjoerd Pijnappel

The module focuses on the technical implementation of content optimization. But do you know how your potential visitors search? And which keywords will generate business? No? Then I will happily help you!

Sjoerd Pijnappel, SEO specialist @ GoalGorilla

The module is great at helping you optimize at a technical level. But if you really want to achieve business value, then you have to optimize for the right keywords. By 'right' keywords we mean keywords that have a lot of search volume and that provide sufficient chance to rank high in Google based on competitive metrics. Unfortunately, the knowledge needed for keyword optimizations is lacking in many organizations. And that is why we offer SEO consultancy! In the space of three months, we can help you rank at the top of Google's search results.

Do you know how to reach potential customers?

How do you find out where your potential customers are in the search market? In other words; which topics do your potential customers look for and which keywords do they use for that? We research this with an SEO Market scan. The outcome of the market scan is crucial to the success of the Real-Time SEO Module because, without proper keywords, there's no business! Key takeaways include:

  • Which business topics are popular? And which keywords are used to search for them?
  • Which topics and keywords provide the best opportunities to score high in Google?
  • How should the content be structured within the website?

When you have this information, you can begin to generate business value. 

Three months of consultancy from our SEO specialists

We like place websites in the top rankings on Google. Our SEO approach has been awarded by two Dutch Search Awards for the Skyscraper link building technique in 2016 and the knowledge base approach in 2017. We are also very happy to help you gain the same significant results; 

  • 1st month: Develop a clear SEO content strategy using the SEO Market scan.
  • 2nd month: Create a content calendar and help create the first two content types.
  • 3rd month: 2 hours of SEO consultancy time weekly to fine-tune the process.

And that for only € 1.588, - (= 20% discount, normally € 1.985, -), especially for you as a user of the Real-Time SEO module. Enlist the help of our SEO specialists by sending an e-mail to Every month we have room for four new websites.


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There is room for four new projects this month!


Do you have a Drupal website but not the module yet?

No problem! When you purchase the SEO consultancy you get the installation and implementation of the Real-Time SEO module for free. Even if you have already installed the module, our Support Developer will check whether this has been done correctly so we can work together flawlessly without any technical issues.

Robert Ragas

I install and implement the module on your Drupal 7 or 8 website. This ensures you have a good setup, and our SEO specialist can immediately start working with you!

Robert Ragas, Support Developer at GoalGorilla


Putting a great SEO content strategy into practice

Ben® is fanatic module user that gets the most out of it on their blog. Thanks to the module, Ben® reached more than 103,000 unique page views in six months. They published a total of 60 unique, well-optimized blogs. The blogs were written by 27 different bloggers. All 27 bloggers were able to use the module without any issues. 

'More than 103,000 unique pageviews in 6 months.'

Keeping also experienced SEO success thanks to the optimization of content. First, we determined which content should be written in order to reach the target group, and which keywords match the content. Keeping grew from 0 to 38 focus keywords in the top 10 of Google within six months, achieving 574% growth in visitors. View the SEO case for more details.

Meer organische bezoekers dankzij SEO
574% growth in organic search visitors per month.

And all their results were achieved by keyword research and optimization of content.

Take advantage of three SEO features in the module

Are you not familiar with the module yet? Then find a small preview of the three most important features from the Real-Time SEO module below. At this moment almost 13,000 Drupal 7 and 8 websites are actively using the module. And this number increases every week! You can download the module here for free on 


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Works for Drupal 7 and 8 websites. Over 88,000 downloads.


1. Select the focus keyword

One focus keyword is central to each page. This is the most important keyword for the content. The module then analyzes how well the content is optimized for the keyword. Always select a focus keyword that can potentially bring a lot of online business for you.

2. Optimize the Page Title and Meta description (including preview)

The Page Title and Meta description must convince the person searching to click on your search result. This is critical for high click-through rates from the search engine results towards your content. Therefore, always optimize these two aspects and prevent Google from selecting something random. The module provides you a preview immediately.

3. Get immediate feedback and better optimization tips

The unique thing about the Real-Time SEO module is the real-time analysis of the SEO content. While you are writing the content, you will receive immediate feedback. With live scores ranging from green (= excellent) to red (= not optimized). You now know which elements should be improved in your content.

Real Time SEO content analyse module
Immediate feedback through the real-time SEO analysis of content


Disclaimer: the module uses parts of the open source code of the Yoast SEO WordPress project such as the YoastSEO.js javascript. However, the module is not supported, sponsored or otherwise affiliated with Yoast.

Download the module for free and start optimizing immediately! 

Do you need more SEO advice?

We would love to talk about how we can help you with the strategic use of the Real-time SEO module to achieve online results. Talk to us during working hours on the live chat or call us on +31 20 8200046. In addition, you can always reach us by e-mail:

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